All-in Medieval Tour

See Stockholm through the eyes of a 1400 century knight. A tour for all the Mjöd, Swords and Jester’s lovers out there.

Café Misteln, Stortorget

Cafe Misteln is located in Stockholm's medieval heart, the island of Gamla Stan. It’s a nice and cosy place with prominent medieval atmosphere that will give you a perfect start on your day. Opens at 10.00 A.M.

Suggested stay: 60 min

Gamla Stan

Guided Old Town Walkabout. Join an exciting 75 minute walk through the narrow alleys of Stockholm's Old Town. The guide takes you through Stortorget (Main Square) and recounts stories of the Stockholm blood bath in 1520, as well as the legend of St George and the Dragon. The tour continues with a stroll across the courtyards and along the alleys of the city's oldest quarter - an area rarely discovered by visitors. Book here:

Suggested stay: 60 min


A very classical cafe located in the heart of Stockholm.

Suggested stay: 60 min


The Museum of Medieval Stockholm describes the emergence and medieval development of the town and is built up round some of the permanent heritage monuments which came to light during the archaeological excavations on Helgeandsholmen (The Island of the Holy Spirit) between 1978 and 1980. The display area comprises 1,750 square metres and there are some 850 objects on display. The objects come from the whole of the town area.

Suggested stay: 60 min

Sjätte Tunnan

Sjätte Tunnan is a restaurant in Stockholm that offers a unique Medieval concept. Food and drinks, music and entertainment will give you a real time-traveling experience. Reservations for more than 8 guests, please contact the restaurant.

Suggested stay: 60 min