Chunky Sausage Tour

A day all about sausages, sausages and sausages.


Hötorgshallen is an amazing food market in central Stockholm and according to some, a food institution - in the 80s it was one of the few places where to get foreign products & spices. There is a stall that serves a fantastic sausage sandwich in a baguette. There is also more. A lot more :)

Suggested stay: 60 min


Korv-Ingar was a well known sausage salesman amongst the local community of Solna. He was foremost known as a philanthropist and a helping hand to the less fortunate. People with problems got free sausages and help. He also supported the teenagers in Solna with things such as sports wear to the junior teams in football. After his death, the inhabitants of Solna collected a large sum of signatures to hand over to the culture and leisure committee - they wanted to honor him with naming the place near his sausage stand with his name. The culture and leisure committee listened, instead of naming the place after him they put a statue picturing him in collaboration with the talented artist Thomas Qvarsebo.

Suggested stay: 60 min

NK Korv & Glass

The best hotdog stand in Stockholm.

Suggested stay: 60 min

Taylors & Jones

Learn to master the art of sausage making - take a course at Taylor and Jones’ Sausage School! Register here: Ps. Tailor and Jones have the best sausages in Sweden! Ds.

Suggested stay: 60 min

AG Restaurang & Bar

AG is a restaurant for everybody, but truth to be told, mainly for meat lovers. They have the best porterhouse, clubsteak, entrecôte and such in Sweden. There’s more on the menu, but the meat is closest to their hearts. They even tenderize it themselves – the results are on display in the large fridge by the entrance. Oh, and their sausages is something out of this world.

Suggested stay: 60 min