Totally Broke Tour

Don't have too much money in your pockets but still want a day out on the town? If you have a few coins to spare this might be something for you.

Café Kladdkakan

This place comes with the nicest staff and cheap breakfast.

Suggested stay: 60 min


Serieteket, the library for comics and graphic literature, is unique among Swedish libraries. Grab a chair and have a good read.

Suggested stay: 60 min


Their sallad buffet (which is amazing) costs 14 kr(!) It’s a nice space as well.

Suggested stay: 60 min


Djurgården is always full of people but it never feels crowded. One of the best places to relax, take a walk and enjoy the nature in Stockholm.

Suggested stay: 60 min


The classic bar to go both with and without money. An interesting clientele and a beer is only 30 kr.

Suggested stay: 60 min